Sunday, December 21, 2014


Grateful for an Unexpected Christmas Blessing

Trying to manage some medical bills and long, long hours at work had left me tired and overwhelmed in recent weeks.  I continue to tithe and increased my tithe accordingly when I got my raise.  I had been so sorely tempted to not tithe just so I could pay off the medical bills.  We battled the flu on top of that at our house.  Heather missed several days of school, and I missed one day of work.   Fortunately, I now have paid sick time at my new job.

I mapped out the bills and how I was planning to pay them off in the coming weeks and months, which was going to leave me in quite a hole for 2015 medical expenses.  I figured I would just take it as it comes and not give into the serious temptation to not tithe despite my discouragement.

Last week, much to my stunned surprise, a friend of mine got in contact with me and said a check for $1500 would be in the mail for me.  My friend had seen some Facebook posts of mine (which I did not make to solicit funds!) about the difficulties of managing our chronic health issues and the ensuing medical bills and insurance issues.

Last Friday I came home after a long, long work week...tired but grateful for my job, health insurance, my kids and all of our improved health...opened the bills and got an unexpected bill....and then my friend's check for not $1500 as I expected but $2000!!!!!!!

There are people in my life who see this as mere coincidence.  Please pray that those around me would see this as God's wonderful provision and faithfulness.  I do not preach a prosperity gospel...that if you give God will bless you...but I sincerely believe if you honor Him, He will not let you down.  Have I not seen that over and over and over since the beginning of this blog?

This Christmas season I pray people would know the peace of Christ in their hearts.  There is simply nothing He cannot help us overcome. 

In recent weeks, so many I know have lost loved ones young and old and struggle with unbelievable trials and defeat, including health and financial problems...God please help these friends whom I carry heavy in my heart and give them Your strength. It all makes me so grateful for all the good things in my life that I take for granted far too matter how dark my own situations may seem, there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.