Sunday, April 12, 2015

Make the Choice!

I am so darn proud of myself....I was sharing with my daughter Amy and her boyfriend this weekend how I got through some of the trials I have been through...many of which have been written about in this blog…and how I have been given what I can only describe as peace and grace as I look back on my life...and I said, "I am in the emotionally healthy place I am in today because I CHOSE to heal emotionally.  I chose to remember God the great Healer and not the hurt."

I could look back and be bitter, angry and, quite frankly, an unhappy person...but I did not like that reflection in the mirror and I chose to change my perspective. This did not happen overnight and there were a lot of tears and struggle, but in the end with God's help I made the climb over the mountain of negativity.

Make the choice!