Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This blog post is the testimony that I am being asked to share on Sunday, March 3 at The Pointe Church (www.thepointechurch.net).  Please pray for me as I simply want to honor the great and glorious God who has carried me in such miraculous ways!  Just this month alone, God has provided all that you can see in the photos below:

My Testimony to God's Incredible Faithfulness

My husband and I separated in April 2011, and I moved out August 2011 even though I only had a part-time seasonal job. Since then God has provided me with full-time employment. Also, since then I have had 4 hospital stays, 3 surgeries, and I am dealing with several on-going chronic health problems. Naturally, this is expensive, and I have thousands of dollars in medical bills.

In spite of all of the medical expenses, hospital stays and lost wages due to those hospital stays, I decided to begin to tithe when I got my new job.  And God has more than provided.  It would take hours to tell you all that He has done.  A faithful Christian couple came forward and paid my rent for 6 months and helped me with legal fees.  Friends helped me buy groceries and repair my car.  People out of nowhere would drop by my house with gift cards for groceries.  Twice someone gave me $500 cash anonymously.  This church has helped me numerous times.

The best, most heart-filling gift of all from God came on Saturday, February 16.  I had just gotten out of the hospital and was also recovering from the flu.  I had a week without pay as I had no more sick time left.  I sat down and tried to figure out how on earth I was going to pay the bills when I was short $480.  I had never been in that position before.

The previous evening, my daughter Heather and I had watched the movie “Faith Like Potatoes.”  It is an independent Christian film based on a true story of a struggling South African farmer.  He was led to Christ through his trials and began giving his testimony in cities and even large stadiums throughout South Africa.  In a year of drought when no farmers were planting anything, God told him to plant potatoes.  Potatoes take a lot of water.  He faced naysayers, and even his own pastor was afraid for him.  But this man faithfully followed God and planted seed potatoes.  After a growing season of no rain, he went to harvest whatever he could find.  He and his friends began to dig and found fully grown potatoes ripe for the harvest!

And so I prayed as I was trying to pay the billls, “God, give me faith like potatoes.  Make something out of nothing!”

Then for some reason I was prompted by God to ask my daughter Heather to check the mail.  She came in with an envelope addressed to me with no return address on it.  In it was $450 cash and a note that said: Phillipians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

I wept.  I wailed.  I asked God for forgiveness for my doubt.  
And my girls and I...well we rejoiced!  

I even asked Heather to re-count the money several times. I couldn't believe it was real.

I have kept a blog detailing all the goodness God has provided to me through gifts, accidents, surprise money, scholarships for activities, an unexpected insurance payout, unexpected tax returns since July 2011...the gifts go on and on....and they total over $23,000!

I want people to see God and His infinite, incredible, overwhelming love for His people in this story.  This is not about me.  This is not even about my daughters.  It is about a God who is wildly in love with you, who wants ALL of you, who is chasing after you so that you might follow Him.  Please don’t see me in this story.  Don’t put me on a pedestal.  I am simply a broken, frail person who is following hard after Him.

Faith Like Potatoes is a must-see! It is available from Amazon as a DVD or instant stream. It is also available at Walmart.


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