Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The dust has finally settled with the divorce, and we are all moving forward with this new normal.

Then we were hit with a storm.  Our precious Heather, who is 13, became very ill over the past couple of days.  We ended up in the Lutheran Hospital ER last night, and she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

She has lost about 25 pounds over the last several months, and we just thought it was due to puberty.  She was very ill on Tuesday night, but after a day of IV fluids and insulin through the IV she is doing much better.

Dave, Amy, Heather and I spent the morning going through diabetes education and the afternoon going through diet education.  Glucose checks, carb counting and insulin shots will become a way of life for us all.

Since I was in the hospital in February, we have met our family deductible with our all of our health care is 100% covered the rest of this year.  With the divorce, Dave and I realized it was cheaper for me stay on his insurance and pay the COBRA fees for it than it would be for me to start insurance at my new job and get hit with a $3000 I am covered 100% as well.

As for the divorce, I am receiving enough settlement funds to pay my legal fees, pay off my medical bills, replace the van and put away some funds for retirement.  I have one remaining $640 bill for the ambulance in February and have applied for financial assistance to cover that.  Dave has agreed to pay whatever is left after I receive financial assistance.

Please pray for our family as we enter this new chapter in our lives with Heather's diabetes.  We are all often confused and overwhelmed, but through prayer and encouragement from many friends we have been able to stay strong for Heather.

Pray for me to let go and trust her that she can handle this.  It is so hard to realize she can't just walk out the front door, carefree without a worry in the world.  She will always have to keep medical tools and information with her.

She is an amazingly smart young lady and is, of course, fascinated by the science of it all.  She is determined to follow the doctor's directions as she does not want to wind up in the hospital any more than she has to.

I couldn't be more proud of her.

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