Monday, September 22, 2014

Update: Enjoying My Day Off

When I found out from my previous employer that my end date was earlier than originally planned, I contacted my new employer HR rep and left her a message that I was available to start a week earlier.

I truthfully explained to her that an interim replacement was brought in earlier than expected at my former employer.  (A retiree who came out of retirement to help out the company since I was leaving.)

My new employer just called and moved my start date in to tomorrow.  In retrospect, I probably should have just let it go and enjoyed the entire week off, but it is too late now.  I am relaxing today, doing some shopping and having lunch with a friend.

I do not anticipate a gap in pay since I am starting earlier at my new job...I am so sorry I doubted God.  He has worked out this whole mess in spite of my fears and anxieties.  Thankfully, He is a steadfast and patient God.  

Everyone in my immediate family, including my awesome boyfriend, has been very, very supportive.  (I have to almost 49 years old I have a boyfriend!)  

He is the special, special man I dated last fall.  We broke up for a time, continued to be friends and realized what we almost lost when breaking up and got back together shortly afterwards.  I am very, very happy with him, and he has been such a rock through all of these ups and downs.

We had a lot of fun on vacation in July, and he has been a great help in transitioning Amy and Stephen to college and Heather to high school.  He has been an unexpected blessing at a season in my life when I thought romantic love was over for me!

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