Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Been Sick For Almost A Week

I have been sick for almost a week, and I desperately need your prayers.

I started out with chills and body aches last Wednesday evening that turned into a 5-day fever of 101. I couldn't get into my doctor so I went to the after hours clinic, and they immediately sent me to the ER.  Some friends took me there and stayed with me until I was released.  Bloodwork and chest x-rays showed nothing.  After following up with my family doctor it has been determined that I have some kind of virus.

I got up several days expecting to go to work, only to find my self too dizzy and shaky.  I felt a lot better yesterday, and I fully intended to go to work today...but again I was dizzy and almost passed out in the shower.

My boss informed me that I have to go on disability when I run out of sick time...fortunately before this I had 96 hours of sick time. This has taken up 40 so far.  I am hoping that I can get back to work soon, but don't want to push it either.

Please pray for restoration and healing and that I would not needlessly worry about finances.  My sick days are paid for, but there are going to be quite a few of medical bills.  I am already at my limit of what I can pay as I am trying to pay off several medical bills from previous illnesses this year.  God has always miraculously provided in the past, so you would think I wouldn't be concerned...but stupidly I am.

Every day I am sick, I am one day closer to being well.  Yes, this is discouraging and I am going to stay positive above all else.

On a good note, during this time at home I bought my ticket to London this week that a friend is paying for, and managed some details for the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Urbana missions conference that I am attending after Christmas.  I also finalized details for our vacation at InterVarsity's Cedar Campus.  

I have so much to look forward to, and I am not letting this recent illness get the best of me!

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