Tuesday, December 31, 2013

10 Good Things 

That Happened to Me in 2013

1. I managed to stay out of the hospital for almost an entire year...no surgeries!

2. My daughter Heather was diagnosed with diabetes, and while the diabetes was not good, her courage and ability to adapt stunned me.

3. My divorce was finalized, and while that was sad, the settlement allowed me to pay off all bills except my car payment, and other than that I am debt free.

4.  I fell in love, and while the relationship did not work out, I was and still am extremely blessed that it made me realize that I am still a beautiful, desirable woman.

5. I was able to take the kids to InterVarsity's Cedar Campus for vacation because I was given scholarship funds for my costs and my ex-husband helped pay the kids expenses.

6. In February after an unexpected hospital stay and a week without pay, $450 cash miraculously and anonymously showed up in my mailbox just when I needed it most.

7.  All year long, just when I needed it the most, additional money was given to me by friends, my church and also more anonymous people.

8. I tested negative for the breast cancer gene, which means my girls' risk is now 20% instead of 80%.  The lab also paid my entire bill of $600 due to financial hardship.

9. St. Vincent's Hospital in Indy wrote off a $3700 bill, and the Zionsville Fire  Department/Ambulance company wrote off a $600 bill.

10. I was very blessed to participate in two awesome small groups at The Pointe Church, one of which adopted me as their service project and collected money to help me pay medical bills.

11. I bought a used Toyota Pruis, which I absolutely love.
12. My daughter Amy was in a fairly serious car accident this fall and walked away without a scratch!  She was also accepted to Purdue University to begin studying to be a veterinarian.

13. My son Stephen continued to do well at IU-Bloomington with classes and part-time work and continued to be involved in a campus fellowship.

I am thinking that listing 10 is just not enough!

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