Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dave, Amy and I Need Your Prayers!

Dave received a very disturbing phone call from Amy's school today.  A friend of hers anonymously reported to a counselor that Amy was cutting herself.  Amy's counselor then followed up on it.  He called Amy into a meeting, and he asked her to show him her arms.  She refused and stone-walled him for a very long 5 minutes.  He told her they would sit there as long as it took.  Worried about missing class, she finally relented and allowed the school nurse to have a look.  She has 12 old scars, 14 fairly new cuts and 1 really new cut.

Dave and I are, of course, devastated.  We are planning to talk to her tonight while Heather is at church youth group.  Dave has agreed to let Amy come home with me (the girls are with him this week) if she wants and that she can stay as long as she wants.  As I wrote earlier, she has expressed a great desire to be with me full-time.  Dave feels that it doesn't matter who gets the kids when and what is fair between us...and I is not about us.  It is about the kids and what their greatest needs are.  Please, please, please pray for my precious, beautiful girl.  Please pray for wisdom for Dave and I as we talk with her this evening.  

Amy's Color Guard Photo
To top it off, I went to the doctor today, and I am much more ill than I thought.  Right now we are trying to keep me from going into pneumonia.  I received a steroid shot and am taking oral steroids along with singular (a drug for asthma), an antibiotic and am using a nebulizer every four hours.  Please pray for healing.

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