Friday, September 21, 2012

In the Emergency Room

I ended up in the emergency room today.  Asthma flare is finally calming down, but I was having severe colon spasms.  I had this problem shortly after my colon re-section in June 2011.  The ER doc thinks it is because of all of the antibiotics that I am on.  Apparently, the bad bacteria is outweighing the good bacteria.  

They gave me IV meds for pain and nausea and have advised me to follow up with my colon surgeon on Monday.  The doctor also gave me meds for pain and told me to take some over-the-counter meds to get my colon working correctly.

I tried all day to get in touch with my surgeon, but she and her staff were out of the office.  I finally got in touch with a nurse at the office, and she advised me to head to the ER.  My dear neighbor Dawn took me to the ER even though she was fighting a migraine.

Amy will be at a band competition in South Bend all day tomorrow, and Heather will be with Dave going to the band competition.  I am just going to stay home and rest.

I have been surrounded by all of my friends, and church friends are standing by if I need anything.

I am so exhausted and am in so much pain.  What I really need is an antispasmodic like bentyl, but the ER doctor didn't want to prescribe it.  She also recommended that I stop the antibiotics.

I have tried to keep working all week, but today my boss told me to pack up my stuff and go home.  I don't have any official time off yet, and he is just having me bring in doctor's notes and allowing me to work from home and work a flexible schedule.

In the midst of all of this drama this week, I was able to schedule Amy's first counseling appointment and an appointment with our family doctor to get complete bloodwork done on her.  She is a vegetarian, and although she eats a lot of protein substitutes, I suspect she is lacking in iron and vitamin D, as I was earlier this year.

Please keep praying for our health!

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